Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups at Time Out Youth Center are designed to give youth a dedicated space to come together and discuss topics with other youth relevant to their identities and experiences. During Discussion Groups youth should feel empowered to share their perspectives on a variety of different issues in a space that is safe and respectful. At Time Out Youth Center, we advocate for the free exchange of ideas and feelings, recognizing that each of us have our own story and that there is value in all of our experiences. 

Discussion Group topic schedule is based on feedback provided to staff from youth and topics can range from “Coming Out” to “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”. Our goal is to provide space where youth can discuss and explore topics that are relevant and meaningful to their experiences. Discussion group topics can include:  Healthy Relationships, Coming Out, Creative Writing, Suicide, Art Studio Space, Self-Injury, Religion, Bullying, LGBTQ History, Self-Image, HIV and STD’s, Career Development, and Systems of Oppression, among many others.

In addition, we host many local guest speakers such as school board members, authors, news anchors, artists, medical and mental health professionals, DJ’s and drag queens.

Our Weekly Discussion Group Schedule is as follows:



On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we host our traditional Discussion Groups. Discussion Groups always start by sharing weekly announcements, discussing our Group Norms and then introducing ourselves by sharing our names and gender pronouns. Discussion Groups are led by a youth, staff member or an outside guest. Discussion Groups are designed to be appropriate for youth age 13-20. 


6:30pm - 8:30pm

Thursday nights we extend our Drop-In hours until 8:30pm in the Group Room. During this time we also offer Tea Time, formerly Q-Tribe, a group for youth who identify as transgender. Tea Time is a discussion group for transgender, non-binary, and questioning youth ages 13-20. The group meets on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30, and covers topics like coming out, family relationships, and school safety. If you need a safe place to ask questions about gender identity and discuss trans living with other youth, this group is for you! Thursdays we welcome youth ages 11-13 during our extended Drop-In Space.




Friday nights are all about having fun and building community together. Friday’s begin with a community meal (vegan and vegetarian options available) followed by a fun evening activity. Friday night activities can include: Movie Night, Game Night, Karaoke, Art Studio Space, Special Trips and more!

For more information or to find out about our upcoming discussion topics, see our EVENTS CALENDAR or connect with us on Facebook.